Applications for ORC

The application of low-enthalpy waste heat to different temperature levels and capacity classes represents a broad field of efficient energy use. ORC power plants are used in several industrial processes.

In medium-capacity combined heat and power plants, the waste heat of the exhaust gas and the cooling water will be increasingly used to generate electricity. Heat-source temperatures of up to 250° C can be reached here.

In industrial processes, provide waste heat within temperatures from 100° C to over 150° C. Most of this heat is released into the environment. ORC power plants are an option for electric energy production throughout the year.

Geothermal locations of deep geothermal energy in Germany and Europe usually deliver temperatures between 100° C to 170° C at the wellhead. The produced heat can only seasonal be used for heating purposes, because more and more solar plants get into the heat market. Therefore the heat demand drastic decrease during summer.

For efficient operation of a geothermal power plant, power generation is an economic option for full utilization of the power plant.